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do the right thing

Thefirst scene of the film begins with a zoom out of three things: Senor Love Daddy, a clock and a microphone.The microphone represents the lack of communication in the neighborhood, the clock shows that they are running out of time and that something bad will happen soon, and Senor Love Daddy is the voice of reason.The lighting in this scene is low-key, and there is a reddish color which is present in all four of the scenes, this shows the intense heat of the day.Thefirst thing that he says is "Wake Up" telling everyone that they have to wake up to the world around them, he wants them to see the problems that are in the neighborhood instead of ignoring them like they are doing.As the camera zooms out even more we see that there are four hats right in front of Senor Love Daddy, this shows that he is accepting of all cultures.We also see that the radio station faces the street, this shows that he is always looking at the neighborhood.As we zoom out even more we can see the name of the radio station and it says "We Love".The scene ends when camera zooms out even more and begins to track to the left to show the rest of the neighborhood.
In the next scene thefirst thing which is noticed is the intense red color, the color shows how hot the day is going to be.The camera is on a high angle zooming in to someone sleeping, the person who is sleeping almost appears as if he were dead because he is laying so still.We can also see an old radio that is playing Senor Love Daddy's message to "Wake Up", this ties thefirst scene and the second scene together.As we get closer we see it is a black man he appears to be tired and hot, he looks out the window and lies back down.Another thing that should be pointed out are the bottles and trash which are lying all over the room, this shows that the man is not rich.
In thefirst shot of scene three we see a white male


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