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Do you fell lucky

Davis notes that there are four types of superstition. Vain Observances includes such things as not walking under a ladder or stepping on the cracks in sidewalks. Divination means consulting oracles to learn the future. This includes, for example, reading Tarot cards or consulting the I Ching. Third, there is Idolatry, or the worship of images. An example here is would be carrying lucky charms. And finally, there is the Improper Worship of the True God. The example he gives of this is trying to bribe God to grant a favor.
As you walk down the street you find a penny face up and you pick up not even think. Because in today's world a penny is considered lucky if it is found face up is lucky. You put in you pocket and forget about for the rest of the day. Then you happen to go to a poker game that night were you do well. Then a strange thing happens.
You sit there looking at the cards that were put in front of you. Youfirst are sad by what you see a 2 and a 7. But then you think that your luck has been good tonight so throw in five dollars. Only Mike a fellow player stays with you for this hand. Mike is the blond haired kid from up north. Mike has gone in with you a lot and never one. So you're playing with lady luck on you side. You move him all in. This is when you have more money then they other player and you bet the same amount of money that he has. Moving him all in. You tell mike that he has never won agents you it must be his turn. So you get to him he think then he puts it end. You show your cards he has two queens. You think crap I just lost ten dollars on a dumb hand. Then you see the flop it is a 2 2 7. You cannot believe it you just got the must unlikely hand ever. Then four street it a 4 and the river is a 6. You won ten dollars on the worst hand in poker. You think maybe 2 and 7 are you lucky cards. That is what happens at poker one-person wins big. Then they play those same cards over and over. Think about…