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According to the Catholic encyclopedia "Dogma signifies an opinion or that which seems true to a person; sometimes, the philosophical doctrines or tents and especially the distinct philosophical doctrines."
The main character of the movie is Bethany whom is a catholic that doesn't enjoy attending church and is questioning her faith, which she apparently lost when she was a young child. She is portrayed as the Hero in the movie. As the movie goes on we learn that she is a distant blood relative of God. At the beginning of the movie she is visited by Metatron, which is the voice of God. He claims he is in the highest choir of Angels, after coming into Bethany's room in a cloud of flames as he tells her about the prophets she is going to meet. In Dogma Metatron is what seems to be a Herald for he is the announcer of the events to take place.As Bethany continues on her voyage she meets two prophets, who do not fit the description of any biblical figures for they talk about sex, smoke drugs and use vulgar language. The journey that Bethany takes is one to New Jersey hoping to follow Metatrons instructions to stop two rebellious angels from entering a church which would then allow them back into heave. She then meets Rufus the movie's fictional "thirteenth apostle". Rufus is portrayed as a mentor in the movie Dogma. Rufus leads Bethany on her journey and although his features are not old which is commonly seen in a mentor he speaks wisely in the manor of faith and morals. Cardinal Glick can be considered the threshold guardian for they have to try and get him to stop the rededication ceremony of the church.
There are many themes we see throughout the course of the movie Dogma. The movie is based on Religion-vs-Faith. In this I mean that it is question what is religion and the meaning of faith. We are consistently reminded in the movie that there has been a fall from good to evil. This i…


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