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Doing time Kimusho no Naka Japan

Doing Time [Kimusho no Naka] Japan, 2002, 93 min
Doing Tim (directed by Sai Yoichi) is a film based on a Japanese comic (manga) written by Hanawa Kazuichi, which in tern is based on a real life experience – his own experience. The main character of the story, Hanawa (wonderfully played by Yamazaki Tsutomu, best known for Tampopo), is a big lover of firearms; he collects replica guns and takes part in war games. For his hobby he gets thrown in to an "A type prison" (a Japanese version of a low security prison). This film deals with very serious issues of prison life tolled from the perspective of Hanawa and his cellmates. This story is not only interesting because it gives us a glimpse at a Japanese prison, which is very different from most western prisons, but also because it is presented in a different, refreshing way. It uses unusually heightened humor for such a subject matter, sometimes ironic humor, and what is most refreshing, no violence or at least no physical violence. The only "violent" element that stood out in my memory the most was an angry though of one of the cellmates toward the genitor, which was more comical than angry angry.
I found this film very enjoyfull and easy to watch, yet working on many different levels. Doing Time is humorous and serious at the same time. I think that many different people would enjoy watching this film. I would definitely love to have it in my collection, and would be very interested to look at the manga.
Black Box Germany[Black Box BRD] Germany, 2002, 107 min
From this movie I expected a long dry documentary, I never have herd about the subject of which ever before, and had no particular interest in. Black Box Germany is a documentary film directed by Andres Veiel about two different, very different people. One is a banker Alfred Herrhausen the other is a member of the Red Army Faction Wolfgang Grams (who may or may not have been responsible for the ca


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