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dolls house

The play A Doll's House, written by Henrik Ibsen, was written during a time period where society thought it was ok to oppress women and treat them like property.In the play,the main story deals with a stereotypical middle class household and the values inside which relate directly to the values of the society during the time period.Nora, the main character in the story, is anticipating her husband getting a high paying job and living fairly wealthy in an upper class household with two kids.Nora has all the material objects she could wantin her marriage, but lacks individual freedom and a husband who loves her like she loves him.The main theme inA Dolls House ishow a woman breaks out of her role as a housewife that her husband gave her and becomes an individual.At the beginning of the story, Nora is portrayed as being weak minded andunder the total control of her husband. By the end of the story, Nora breaks out of her role that she was playing and decides that she needs to leave her current life as a mother and wife and be the individual that she wants to be.
At the beginning of the story, Nora's character and personality is shown by Torvalds narrow views of women and her role as a good housewife and mother.Torvalds views on what a woman's role in the household should be is a reflection ofhow women were treated in society during this particular time period.These views that Torvald had can be described by which he felt that women were helpless and that they need to rely on their husband and live the life that he would want her to have.In the beginning of the story, Nora is content with her husband's views and only wants to do what is correct according to the social standards on what a good housewife should be during this period in time.During this time in the story, Nora is very passive and faithful to her husband and it is evident that her only goal in her l


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