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Dolphins of Pern

Book Report

Anne McCaffery created a great book series, The Dragon Riders of Pern, and the one I'm reviewing is, The Dolphins of Pern, she made me think that I was on another planet trying to become a Dolphineer.This 340 page, Sci-fi/Fantasy book has everything, adventure, danger, surgery and dragons.
This book starts on the planet Pern, a land where Earth's descendants started to colonize.Pern is a planet with dragons and dolphins and many other strange things.The protagonist is a young boy named Readis, who wants to become a master fisherman like his Uncle.The antagonist is, I think, the hardships he has to go through to reach his dream.
One days Readis went out with his uncle to go fishing but got caught in a squall, and their ship went under, but luckily some “ship fish” (dolphins) saved them and brought them to shore, and started to talk.Readis' parent's wanted Readis to have nothing to do with the dolphins and tried to make him forget, but Readis wouldn't and one day he went out with the dolphins to swim, and got a thorn in his foot which crippled his leg.His parents, especially his mom would never forgive the dolphins and forbid Readis from seeing them, even though they tried to warn him about the thorn, which they discovered, using a type of sonar.
Readis spent most of his time at school, which was a big honor (only a few people are allowed to go to school).He makes some new friends at the school, like T'Lion the dragon rider, and Avias, the computer from the past which the ancients used, but he still wanted to learn more about the dolphins, so defying his parents he runs away to become a Dolphineer.He finds a nice spot where the dolphins can swim into if they needed any help or just wanted to play.Even with the dolphins, Readis wonders if his parents miss him at all.
During a storm many dolphins are injured and Readis, is one of the few people who knows how to sew dolp…

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