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Dorian Gray

In the film, The Picture of Dorian Gray, many symbols were portrayed.One that
was used frequently, especially in corresponding to the character of Sibyl Vane, was a caged yellow bird.Sibyl Vane was a young, lonely, meek, and sheltered woman.She was a striving actress and was from a family with little money and little future.When the character wasfirst introduced in the film, she was an entertainment act at a tavern.She comes onto stage singing a song about a caged little yellow bird.This song related to Sibyl more than she realized.The caged bird was she because all she wanted was to be free and Dorian was the one who would do that for her, so she thought."Sibyl felt oppressed" and could not get out of her cage.The yellow is related to playfulness, light, creativity, and warmth.On the contrary, the color yellow also has many negative associations as well.Among them are jealousy, treachery, and cowardice.All of these characteristics related to Sibyl Vane.


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