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Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray: The Successes and Failures of the 1945 FilmThe Picture of Dorian Gray is a brilliant yet controversial novel in its times for its immoral views. Although the novel is a great one it has taken about a century for many to praise and accept this aspects of the novel. In 1945 the making of the film was done and many watched for its taste in horror and immorality. Due to the fact of the time it was done the immoral of homosexuality is not present. However, like an every film, certain details are altered in the film, some making the film a failure and some insignificant. Yet, there are certain aspects of the novel that are still portrayed in the film.
It is quite evident from reading the novel that one of the most important symbols is the picture of Dorian Gray. It is the symbol of an evil soul and dirty conscience, however it is also the title itself. It is the bargain in which Dorian has sold his soul to the Devil. "If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old . . . I would give my soul for that" (31)! He makes a wish to trade places with the portrait in order to remain young forever, and the film has done a great job in emphasizing the importance of the portrait by illuminating it in color, while the film is in black and white.Not only does the picture stands out, but also it emphasizes what Dorian feels as he looks into the picture and realizes he is incredibly young and beautiful. It is in color, separating it from the black and white world, which portrays the picture as some higher power. This keeps the reader aware of the about the portraits importance in the film.
Considering that the voice of the author, which is detected with ease in a novel, cannot be detected in a film, the film does a great job in integrating some of Oscar Wilde's important quotes into the film. The preface in the novel it a very important part that allows the reader to connect the authors though…


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