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Double Indemnity

Essay Question 5 Double Indemnity
In Double Indemnity Phyliss and Walter are planning the murder of Phyliss husband. But greed and lust don't always bring out the love. In this essay I will pull out each mise en scene out of each scene to capture the true evil intentions of Phyliss, and show how she is truly a daemon.
In thisfirst meeting we are at Phyliss's house. Her house is very large and cost about $30,000 according to Walter the insurance agent. We meet Phyliss here for the veryfirst time in the movie. Her maid answers the door when Walter comes to the house to talk about the insurance policy. After answering the door we see Phyliss in the balcony almost naked, wearing only a white towel around her body and talking very seductively to Walter. After the brief talk with Walter in the foyer she walks towards her room? Well whatever she walks towards is not light up, it is all black which may really suggest that she is wearing a white towel but really she is black inside. Walter comes into her living room and waits for Phyliss to come down after she gets changed. Room lighting is just daylight coming in through the blinds nothing great.Phyliss comes into the room wearing an all white dress. She sits down on her sofa with a shadow covering one side of her face; really Phyliss is not a good woman. As the two engage in there conversation Phyliss gets up and walks around the room, as she is doing this she happens to walk in front of the fireplace a few times her dark shadow is casted on to the white backing of the fireplace and fallows her like a daemon.As we come to the end of this scene we can all see that they both want each other.
The next scene here we come back to Phyliss house. Walter has come back to talk to her husband about the insurance policy.Phyliss is wearing a white shirt with black flowers on it, a black dress, and also black shoes, her clothing shows her true intentions starting to come out. Phyli…


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