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"Drama and Theatre in their content and style reflect the society from which they spring"
The issues and happenings of contemporary Australia are reflected in contemporary Australian Theatre, the same way as Shakespeare was reflected in Elizabethan Theatre in the 18th Century. The idea of most theatre is to raise issues from the society they have been created in. Drama confronts these issues and lets the audience contemplate and make their own personal judgements and conclusions about how society portrayed. Theatre not only raises issues of society but also uses the style of theatre to reflect the society from which it's originated. The performance'The Seven Stages of Grieving', Directed by Wesley Enoch and Performed by Deborah Mailman, which was scripted in the 1990's is a monodrama, which shows the change in theatrical styles throughout time. The monodrama is a very modern style of theatre.
'The Seven Stages of Grieving' is an Aboriginal based performance with concern's such as racism, discrimination, reconciliation and identity. All these issues still live on today. Reconciliation is a major part of contemporary Australia and is put into practice regularly in out society. This is shown through the scenes'Walking across bridges','Murri Gets a Dress' and'Mugshot'. The play is made up of 24 stories and storytelling is historically the method Aboriginals use(d) as a way of communicating to their society.'The Seven Stages of Grieving' wanted to explore that tradition of storytelling in a contemporary from such as theatre.'Wreck/con/silly/nation poem' raises issues of the invasion of Europeans emphasising the words wreck, con, silly and nation. The'Invasion Poem' recounts the invasion into the Aboriginals homes and the stolen generation with a very moving monologue.'My children, stolen away… wrenched from …


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