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Dream of Scipio

TheDream of Scipio’ is an excellent historical novel which portrays
a gripping account of three protagonists each placed in a different time
frame. The whole plot is woven around the theme of the horrendous crimes
that are committed by mankind as civilization succumbs to the dark periods
of each era. The pitiable plight of the Jews is neatly bought to the fore
by the author. Particularly the author has projected a clear picture of the
loss of discriminating capacity that results from religious prejudice.
Manlius (fifth century), Oliver de Noyen (fifteenth century) and Julien
Barneuve (20th century) are the three main characters who are affected by
the disintegration of society and the upsurge of religious intolerance.
Pears recounts how Judaism has been the target in all these three
periods of civilian unrest and how the rise of Christianity has led to the
gradual alienation of the Jews and as to how the politics within the papacy
brewed religious opportunism. The whole religious setup was plagued by
corruption to such an extent that even the Popes, the cardinals, and the so
called leaders of Christian faith contemplated on exterminating a whole
group of people (Jews) with a view to political gains. The whole novel is
actually a learning process with the distilled wisdom of Sophia, the
philosopher influencing and shaping the lives of the three protagonists
We find that the Jews were discriminated throughout the history ever
since the Roman era when Christianity became the main religion. The
insistence on conversion has been so strong right from the Roman period.
The loss of intellectual thinking and the discriminatory capacity is
obvious as the Jews were incessantly targeted by the Christendom. In the
novel we find that Oliver De Noyen discovers for himself that the higher
officials of the Christian faith are more interested in religious


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