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Dreams Movie Review Essay

After watching the movie Dreams, I feel that it is to complicated and in depth for the average person.Akira Kurosawa, who lived in Japan from 1910 to 1998, directed the movie.Akira was a very respected director, but is criticized for his films being too intellectual.
The movie Dreams is set in a series of eight different vignettes.Each vignette goes by very slowly and when watching the movie you lose interest and attentiveness.In the vignette The Blizzard, men are walking thorough a blizzard to get to there next campsite.While walking there is not talking for almost five minutes straight, all you see on the screen is four men walking through snow.When watching this, I lost interest and my mind started to wander.Also, in the vignette The Tunnel, a man hears a bunch of footsteps walking thorough a tunnel coming toward him, this goes on what seem like an eternity and I felt like pushing fast forward to get to the point.This was very mad it very difficult for me to keep my focus and not fall asleep.This film spent way too much time doing nothing on the screen, when it needed actions to get to the point.
The movie takes place in unrealistic settings and plot, which get really confusing as you are watching the film.Like in thefirst vignette Sunshine through the Rain, a little boy is told not to go to the forest when it is raining and the sun is shining at the same time because this is when the fox's hold there wedding.The boy goes to the woods and walks around.A foxes wedding.The boy observes a fox having there wedding in the middle of the forest.The unrealistic storyline makes the movie lose the point it is trying to make.Later during the vignette "Crows," where the main character starts off looking in what seems to be an art museum.Then, the main character drifts into one of the paintings he is looking at and meets Vincent Van Gogh.The whole setting takes place in a painting, w


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