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Thisfirsts starts off on the planet Caladin.There a young boy named Paul is half-asleep in his bed.He fully awakens to find his mother and another older woman talking.He over hears that he is on a royal bloodline and he will be trained to become a Mentat.His mother walks and so he lies still with his eyes closed and pretends that he is asleep.The next day he is brought to the old woman's house.He passes a few tests and begins his training.Many people train him under his mother, Lady Jessica's commands, such Leto and Hawat.Years pass and he learns that he will become the ruler of a planet called Arakis Dune.He continues to train until he finally sets off for the planet Dune.The planet is mostly all desert and the money there is known as spice.He learns about giant sandworms that can swallow and entire vehicle in one big gulp.One night while he is asleep in his bed a contraption called a hunter seeker is in the room.He grabs it and tells his mother about it.She is angered and tries to find the culprit but never does.A few weeks later he goes of into the sands with his father, the Duke, to see how the spice mining is going.They fly there in a bird like machine with flapping wings.A worm attacks while they are at the site and they are forced to give up the mining equipment to the giant beast.They make it back alive, thanks to the Dukes kindness of the mining workers lives.Later on his kindness isn't exactly paid off because he is attacked and drugged by a one of his workers named Yueh, who has been brainwashed into Harkonnen service.He planned to have the Duke, paralyzed, spray deadly gas out of his mouth when his body is brought to the Baron.This goes wrong though as the Duke sprays the deadly gas as he is leaving, and only the Baron's Mentat is killed, but the Baron does not care.After this for some strange reason the man who killed Paul's father saves him, and Lady J…


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