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Earthsong vs The Makers-Book Comparison

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, the nominees for Book Award in Literature are The Makers by Victor Kelleher and the Earthsong also by Victor Kelleher.Without further adieu, the winner of this prestigious award for this year is The Makers.
Let me tell you how the panel of judges including myself came to the conclusion that The Makers is a more compelling read over Earthsong.Firstly, The Makers has the setting of The Keep; a huge stone fortress in the middle of the desert and the old city, the ruins of a city that is deserted and that only contains vermin. These settings are interesting and seem to have an element of evil that is exciting.While Earthsong has many settings, the snow, the desert, the jungle, and it goes on.We found that these settings were boring and too normal. Even though the animals had evolved it was just too familiar for science fiction.
The next thing we compared were characters. Jeth and Rae in The Makers were adventurous, always fighting for their freedom and their cause. On the other hand, Anna and Joe in Earthsong were not thinking for themselves, Walter, the spaceship, made all their decisions, which is bad.
Language in both books was taken into account. The Makers used advanced language and sometimes were too descriptive, but it helped describe the settings and gave the reader a better visualization of the book.Earthsong is an easier read but is overly descriptive in some areas. We found Walter's garbled speech annoying and it slowed the book down.
Lastly we looked at each of the books plots. The Makers was exciting, powerful and adventurous.
While the Earthsong was just too predictable, the characters just came along for the ride with Walter.
Therefore, it was clear to us that The Makers is the winner.