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Eat Drink Man Woman Film Crtique

Ang Lee’s “Eat Drink Man Woman” is an examination of the relationship between aging Chinese culinary master Tao Chu and his three daughters in modern Taiwan.The eldest, Jia-Jen, is an unmarried schoolteacher in her late-twenties.The middle daughter, Jia-Chen, is a corporate airline executive whose career comes before all else.The youngest, Jia-Ning, is a boy crazy twenty year old who works at a fast food joint.
Though still at the peak of his culinary powers, chef Tao Chu seems to be getting less pleasure from his work.With the invasion of fast foods and the decline of traditional Chinese culture, no one seems to care about the culinary arts.Furthermore, he is losing his sense of taste.After a few drinks with a good friend, he explains his frustrations.”Eat, drink, man, woman; food and sex, is that all there is?”
His daughters, all who still live at home, do little to raise his spirits.Jia-Jen appears to be on her way to becoming an old maid after having her heart broken by a college boyfriend.Jia-Chen is a modern-thinking executive who cannot wait to get out of the house.Jia-Ning is so much of a romantic that she does not notice others.
Though they all share the same house, they barely have time to spend with one another except on Sunday when chef Chu creates a feast for their dinner ritual.As he brings out a beautifully decorated and delicious-looking dish, the daughters always nitpick and find something wrong with the taste.In addition, they use this time to make “announcements.”
Thefirst of these announcements is that Jia-Chen is moving into an apartment of her own to become independent.As the story unfolds, we learn Jia-Ning becomes pregnant and marries someone.As a result, she moves out.Soon after, we find out that Jia-Jen has fallen in love with someone and moves out as well.The final announcement comes at a dynamic dinner where all are present: chef Chu has married a family friend.Al…


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