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Eders Game book report

Enders Game

The title Ender's game is perfect for this novel.During the whole story Ender is playing one huge game, or so he thinks.The games begin in flight school when he becomes part of an army.He becomes part of the army and reaches the top of the ranking charts as he wins hisfirst game and hisfirst test from general Graff.He soon becomes a leader and leads his team to many wins without ever losing.He is put up to many unfair games often playing two teams at a time.

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The denouement is when the people take out his monitor, which he was greatly dependent upon, and the kids started to pick on him.Ender beat the kid so savagely so no one will ever mess with him again.That showed the command school officers exactly what they wanted and that is where the long chain of conflicts begins. The main conflict is that there is a war between buggers and humans.Along with this huge conflict there is also ender trying to overcome all of the disadvantages that are thrown at him in his battles.Another conflict at the end is Ender against himself.He was waking up bleeding from his hand fearing that he was going insane.Another internal conflict was Ender having to deal with the fact that he just killed the whole population of buggers unintentionally, which he overcame eventually.

The character that was changed most in this novel was Ender Wiggins.At the beginning of the novel Ender was a small child at the age of six and was completely disrespected by all.At the end he was 23 years old and respected amongst all.Throughout the novel he went back and forth between acting humane and acting machine like.Throughout the entire novel he was afraid of becoming a killer which was exactly what he ended up to be but he had no intention of doing so.At the end, however, he turned humane again by saving the last bugger egg with the plans of starting a new world of buggers.

Ender was put up to his last &q…


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