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Edward Scissorhands

In the film E.S symbollism lets people viewE.S on a deeper level and helps them understand the message of the movie more clearly . It is symbolism that makes the film E.S so interesting.A number of symbols remain through out the whole movie . Hands are used to show the difference between E.S and people , colour is used to show the difference between good and evil and the most important symbol is Snow which is used to show the love between E.S and Kim . The symbolism of Love is seen easily by anyone who may watchs this film.
Hands are a very immportant symbol in the move . It is the symbol of acceptance and the difference between E.S and people . Hands were used at the very beging of the movie even in the credits. Which made it obvious
who was good and who was bad . Hands played a very immpotant role in the movie E.S.Peg used her hands as communication , Joyce were used in such away it made her look evil and powerful. Hands also take a very big part in every day activities such as eating ,communicating and even love.
E.S could not touch any one with his scissor hands because he hurt them.
People did not want toacceptE.S because he was different to them .Which lead to E.S being called a cripple and freakJust because he was different to everyone .E.S was accepted by the black police officerbecause he knew what it was like for people that were different and how some people can be very nasty because to people that are different.
Black , red ,white and pastal colourswere used as symbols .Black is normally seen as the symbol for a bad person but in E.S case it is the oposite.White is used as peacefulness and love. White was a very important colour because it was the symbol of E.S love for kim . E.Scould not touch Kimbecause every time he did he cut her or hurt her in someway so he used white snow show his love for Kim. Red was used to symbolis evilness and symbolic of the divil and satin.At christmas every one was …


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