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Emma and Clueless: The Same Movie

What makes two things similar?Some similarities are obscure, while others are obvious.Many movies share similar objectives, but no two movies have more in common than Emma and Clueless.These two movies have many common factors of which character comparison and plot are included.
The characters in Emma and Clueless resemble each other in many ways.The main characters Emma and Cher are women from high society.Both women enjoy playing the role of matchmaker and try to convince others to see their way.Other characters in the two movies also compare very closely.Mr. Woodhouse and Mr. Horowitz both have daughters who care deeply for them and for the most part take care of them.Mr. Knightly and Josh share almost identical relationships with Emma and Cher.The two also have similar relationships with Harriet and Ty.These facts alone prove Mr. Knightly and Josh to be similar.Mr. Elton and Elton not only have the same name, but they share the same attributes and situations.One situation that is exactly the same, is the way Emma tries to match Mr. Elton up with Harriet, and the way Cher tries to match Elton up with Ty.Harriet and Ty are also alike.Both arrive in a new town and are taken in by Emma and Cher; respectively, almost immediately.Under their tutelage, both women experience love, loss, and love again.The final two similar characters in Emma and Clueless are Frank Churchill and Christian.Churchill and Christian both arrive out of no where, but still manage to steal the hearts of Emma and Cher.
The plots of Emma and Clueless have many similarities throughout.Both movies have a dance as the central point of the plot.In Emma the dance draws Harriet to Mr. Knightly, just as the dance in Clueless draws Ty to Josh.The dance is also placed near the middle of each movie.Emma and Clueless also have similar party scenes that add to the romantic turmoil.Harriet falls for Mr. Elton in Emma as Ty falls …


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