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Emotions and Decision Making: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon successfully recreates the random ways in which individual's make choices, and it captures the sense of menace and disintegration that permeate when human emotions take into control these decisions. Big dramatic events, such as deaths, relationships, and shooting, take place alongside mundane things like cutting a finger when chopping vegetables, or learning how to accomplish a left turn in Los Angeles traffic. This is a film about moments that vibrate an impeding sense of danger and about possibilities, but pervading this film is a distinctly metaphysical question about the nature of the emotions that set out impulses in stalled characters.
Successful independent decisions occur in a situation of emotional balance. Essential for this balance is the control of emotions and expression of feelings. Feelings such as hate and anger need to be controlled before these trigger unwanted actions and choices, such as being part of a gang. These are the negative feelings, but other positive emotions, such as affection, may lure an individual to a state of momentary pleasure and so attract a person to engage in undesirable behavior and decisions. Emotions, if left out of control, can lead an individual in not obtaining internal stability and so an emotional balance which is necessary for effective decision making. However, it is wrong to put emotions aside as these and feelings give important information; they are the messages of past experiences, fears, and needs. It is therefore important to effectively display feelings, and listen to them as they need the direction of the mind.
Nevertheless, it is the culture as well, not only the mind only, that gives a person the message that their actions and emotions are their real self. A culture for, an example, may expect from a woman tears when she is hurt. Any woman that is educated in this way may be carried away by her emotions. The emotions then are not only directed by the min…


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