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empire of the sun

In a comparison of Basie and the Doctor one finds them to both be appealing characters but to different audiences. The Doctor comes away as the responsible parent type. However it is hard not to become attached to Basie as across as being a cool guy that would be enticing to a child to idolize and want to befriend.
First let us compare the two in reference to relationships. Relationships it is obvious is not Basie's strong suit. Basie does not allow anyone to get to close to him therefore he no one he is attached to himself and that helps him to be not to care for anyone but himself. Case in point, when Frank brings home Jim to Basie he allows Jim to eat his fill before Frank, his friend who is equally hungry, may eat. Mind you this is to fatten Jim up so he will bring a descent price when sold but still shows a lack of respect for his friend and partner Frank. Basie's quality of friendship is shown again when they are leaving thefirst camp to go to the airfield camp. He was selected and Jim was not, but Basie showed no feeling toward Jim what so ever that shows a lack of compassion. The while at the airfield camp when Jim is trying to sneak into the American building and is running the risk of death Basie begins to take bets. This is showing his lack of respect and compassion for Jim.!
It is obvious throughout the entire picture Basie is only concerned with his own well-being. Basie is what we would call a loner. He runs with a certain group and when that group is no longer a benefit to his own well being he moves on to another group that can benefit him.
Now the Doctor on the other hand did have a meaning relationship with someone other that himself. The Doctor had a wife whom he stayed with and cared very much for. The Doctor also had a special relationship with Jim. He was like a father figure to a boy whom had lost his own father, which in its own shows great compassion and personal sacrifice. His row would ha…


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