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In Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, many themes are viewed.One that is shown infinitely throughout the book is manipulation.This manipulation is used to bring Ender to his full potential of becoming commander of the human fleet to destroy the Buggers.Though, do the disadvantages of manipulation outweigh the advantages?Was it right for Ender to sacrifice his childhood?
Ender's manipulation started from his birth in which a monitor was placed on him to watch his every move.In the beginning of thefirst chapter, a conversation between two adults is taking place (1).This conversation introduces the manipulation that will be seen in Ender's life.At every step there will be someone watching Ender, challenging him, preparing him to save the human race.Ender's ruthlessness is brought out in an incident after his monitor is taken.Ender does not wish to cause harm to anyone, yet he is confronted with a group of students led by the bully Stilson (7).Ender knows what he has to do: he must not only end this fight, but end all of the others as well.He beats Stilson to death, although he does not know it at the time.In a similar situation, Ender kills a commander, named Bonzo, at Battle School.Ender is becoming someone he does not want to become: a killer.Other people put him in situations where his negative side emerges, but Ender always wishes for events to be resolved without violence.His compassion is his strongest trait, and it binds him to people; his ruthlessness with their faith in him as a commander.
There were many advantages in using the art of manipulation on Ender.At the age of six, Ender is removed from his family and enters Battle School, where he is subjected to intense training, constantly pushed to his limits as a commander and tactician.In order to gain control of Ender, the teachers subject him to ongoing manipulation.This manipulation results positively with Ender&ap


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