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Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is considered to be one of the greatest American writers. He is writer who in his works reveals much about himself, because incidents and many scenes from his own life are reproduced in his novels, and actually leading characters have much in common with their creator. To my mind that makes his novels, stories more attractive, more interesting and exciting. That involves also some element of realism in his works. E. Hemingway's works are so popular also because of the fact that the author has a consistent view of life and man. Earnshow characterizes the essence of this view in his book "Modern Writers": "His principal characters are tough men whose appetite for danger leads them into situations where injury, wounds and death are almost inevitable. They are also sentimental men who form strong attachments to women or children and these attachments make them equally vulnerable to emotional wounds. They pitch themselves into struggles that they cannot hope to win, but they show that although a man must lose, he can lose with dignity and honor. …Hemingway had a strict moral code. The code is worked out emotionally, not intellectually; if what the hero does feel right to him, then it is right, even though it is opposed to the moral standards accepted in society." [Earnshow "Modern Writers", London, 1968, p. 193]
Indeed Hemingway's characters follow this code, code of their own also in the novel "the Sun Also Rises." This is the novel of the group of people who make trip to Pamplona for the bullfights. This group of people includes Jake Barnes, Bill Gorton, Lady Brett Ashley, Mike Campbell and Robert Cohn. Although there is one more character, which plays important role but does not belong to that group – Pedro Romero. Why he does not belong to this group? The answer is that he does not belong to so called "lost generation," because the other characters …


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