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Escape From Slavery ; Maya Angelou, Journey of the Heart

I read "Escape from Slavery" and "Maya Angelou'Journey of the Heart".I thought both stories had a lot in common but there were some differences.For instance, "Escape from Slavery" had a different setting, characters, and climax from "Journey of the Heart".
"Escape from Slavery" was setting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a hotel, on a steamboat, and on a plantation. "Journey of the Heart" was setting in the Capitol Building of Washington D.C., Egypt, and Ghana.In Philadelphia, many slaves are trying to escape from their masters.In boxes, dressing up as a white person, and even hiding on trains or ships.At the hotel, one slave and her boys were told to stay put by their master.The slave would whisper help me to free blacks.Luckily, she was saved by a white.At the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. a famous woman speaks at a podium for black rights.
The characters in "Escape from Slavery" were mainly slaves.Their names were Eliza, Dosha, Henry Brown, Passmore Williamson, Jane Johnson, and William Craft.In "Journey of the Heart" there was mainly one character, Maya Angelou.All the characters in "Escape from Slavery" were slaves except for Passmore Williamson.Passmore helped Jane Johnson with her escape from slavery.Maya Angelou was a poet, author, activist, entertainer, and a professor.She helped fight for black's rights.
Both stories had similar climaxes."Escape from Slavery" ended with the slaves being free and everyone happy.In "Journey of the Heart" Maya was very happy that she accomplished all her deeds and spoke to people and made her purpose on this planet.These stories couldn't have been said better. The endings were great.
In conclusion, "Escape from Slavery" and "Maya Angelou'Journey of the Heart" had many compares and contras


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