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Escape or Die

Imagine a society were your race does not have equal rights as the others.A world were you looked upon as an underling.Well this is what the Jewish community had to face during the Nazi regime of World War II.The Jewish people were singled out and mistreated among the country.These are the stories of people that survived these cultural issues and prevailed over Hitler and the Nazi regime.
The fist story takes place in Germany were it all began with a single night called "Crystal naught" or "The Night of Broken Glass" when a mob of Nazi members attacked all people that were Jewish.One family recalls how the mayor of the town stood in Nazi uniform and confiscated the car of a family whose house was set on fire.Not knowing were his family was he was with all the other confused people searching.As one man was organizing the crowd on what to do and they listened obediently and turned around.After setting the synagogue on fire, the mob turned its attention to the elderly, children, women anyone they could get their hands on and chained them close to the burning synagogue.They chained them side by side as swine and marched them around.The fire singed their bodies.Then a voice yells "Let the Jews go" and they were released.The men were lined up in coulombs of three and marched away.Families would walk down the street seeing some of the people laying on the streets with purple welts on the face, gentile shopkeepers sweeping the broken glass of the streets and the stinging odder of the fire still in the air.
Some families got lucky and found each other and were able to escape to a different country.But that wasn't easy most the families that did that were rich or had connections.Others weren't so luck and later were captured and sent into the Ghettos.Later they were sent to concentration camps were they were tortured with unsanitary conditions, starvatio


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