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Essay of To Build a Fire by Jack London

Thefirst paragraph talks about the ?§cold and gray? place where the man was being. And the reason why the place becomes gray is no sun. The second paragraph is about a dark hair-line, the main trail of Yukon the man was walking. In both of these two paragraphs, we have the idea what kind of situation the man faces. For example, “there was a sharp, explosive crackle” when the man spat speculatively. That shows that the weather is so cold that even the spit becomes frozen as soon as exposed in the air.
In the third paragraph, we can find that the man does not care about the cold weather. Although he is “quick and alert in the things of life” he lacks of imagination. In contrast with the man, the dog in the story is a symbol of the instinct for survival and alertness to prevent itself from danger. In the following paragraphs, the writer keeps using a lot of descriptions to narrate how cold the weather is and the man’s ignorance and indifference about the nature. And he always follows reason and man’s judgment. Therefore, he is not aware of men’s fragility and too convinced of himself.
We can see the difference between the man and the dog. He ignores the facts of dangers in such a cold place; maybe it?s because the man lacks of instincts that he may unconsciously know the meanings of the various facts he encounters. But the dog is totally different; it cannot tell precisely about the danger of such a cold weather, but it just knows that it has no good to travel in the cold weather, it?s better to stay in the cave and rest; it also know the risk of spring, the danger of staying to close to the fire, and it also knows to lick the ice in between its toes.
When thefirst accident happens, the man curses his bad luck. The ?;luck? shows us it?s something humans cannot control; and another accident ?;falling snow? is also an action out of an individual?s control. There is no moral judgment on the man?s a…


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