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Essay of Wings of the Dove

Beautiful Kate Croy, who is still a young lady, has been left penniless by her relatives, with the loss of her mother and two brothers. Kate had lived with her wealthy widowed aunt, Mrs. Maud Manningham Lowder, since her mother?fs death. She meets her wretched reprobate father, Lionel Croy, to offer him to live together and take care of him in England. However, he insisted that she should not come to him and rather stay with Aunt Maud. Aunt Maud has sharp interventions and is prodigious, that Lionel, and also Kate?fs impoverished widowed sister, and Mrs. Marian Croy Condrip obeys to whatever she says. Marian encourages Kate to follow Maud?fs wishes, hoping that she will have future financial benefit for her, as well. Kate has inherited a small amount income from her mother. Lionel is concerned whom she will share that income. There is an invisible wall between Lionel and Marian. He cares and cherishes Kate more than Marian, so he does not want to see the income being shared with Marian.
Kate was told by Marian, that Aunt Maud was trying to make Lord Mark to marry Kate, though she has a boyfriend, Merton Densher who is a journalist. She met him at a party, and is passionately in love with now. He has the important aspects as a good man, yet in no way, he has the aspect of becoming wealthy. Aunt Maud certainly is not happy with him. In her eyes, he isn?ft good enough for Kate. She expects a ?ggreat man?h for Kate?fs husband. Maud plans to write him, but she is stopped by Kate that she shouldfirst meet him. Merton visits Lancaster Gate, Maud?fs overly ornate residence. She doesn’t act as Merton expected. In fact, she was bland and calm. She liked him because he was simply good. She doesn?ft forbid his association with Kate though, but mentions that Kate would marry another man, a great a man.
Merton makes plans to go on a journalist assignment in America. Feeling lonely, Kate proclaims her deep love and engages herself …