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European Catastrophe

On July 17, 2000 my friend Adam Ashore and I left for a once in a lifetime trip across the Pacific Ocean to the continent of Europe.It was a fourteen-dayEF tour of four major countries in Europe: England, France, Switzerland, and Italy.The sites and attractions where amazing.The trip was going absolutely wonderfully until the final day in Paris, France.Since it was the last day, we where able to roam the city freely at our leisure.Adam and I decided to go shopping and buy some last minute souvenirs to bring back home.We took the crowded subway into town and spent a fortune.It was getting late and we did not want to be late for our departure from Paris, so we decided that is was time to call it a day and begin heading back to the hotel.The itinerary stated that we were to leave Paris that night at seven o'clock to take an overnight train to Switzerland.
The entire tour group was waiting in the lobby of our hotel.Right before we left for the train station we were all told to check to make sure that we had our money and passports.I confidently reached into my back pocket of my blue jeans and it was empty.I was in shock.My heart felt like it skipped a beat. Could I have lost it?Was it stolen?Hundreds of questions raced through my mind.It was all irrelevant.The point was that I was stranded in Paris without my passport.It must have been stolen on the subway.I frantically called the American embassy for help, but I was informed that it only stayed open until five o'clock and it was well after six.I could no longer turn my back on the dreadful truth that awaited me.I had to stay alone in Paris, France an extra night until the embassy opened in the morning.
Luckily for me, my friend Adam volunteered to stay with me the extra night.I was so glad to know that at least I wouldn’t be totally alone.The tour director checked us back in our room, gave us some money, an


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