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Evaluation Of The Play Blood Brothers By Willy Russel

Evaluation Of The production Blood Brothers
The production I went to see was Blood Brothers. The version I saw was performed at the Regent Theatre and written by Willy Russell it was a scripted piece and was written for young adults as some concepts would be unsuitable for children. We watched this production because we recently performed this ourselves & could compare the two.
The production is set in Liverpool and was written in the 1980s.The production effectively shows the barrier between the different classes of people basically it is about two twins seperated when young one going to a rich family one going to a poor family, the poor mother mrs johnstone would like the twins to be friends whilst the rich mrs lyons is just as opposed the twins mickey (poor) & Eddie (rich) later meet & become good friends or “blood brothers” the play is a comedy & is also quite sad as at the end they both die, which is predicted by a dark narrater all the way through. the themes of this play are :love, superstition, class & friendship.
I feel one of the main reasons why this production has been so successful is the audience enjoy watching how the characters relate to each other, as their very contrasting characters fuse. At the age of seven Eddie has been completely smothered by his parents and is exactly how his parents would want him to be. He enters in his grey school uniform, with shorts and long socks, this immediately gives the audience some information about this character, and makes it obvious who he is, as this is thefirst time the audience see Eddie since he was a baby. Eddie is extremely well spoken, andfirst introduces himself to Micky as ‘Edward Lyons’. Eddie’s body language is very much more controlled than Micky’s, it seems as though Eddie is very much more conscious of his actions. He may act like this to show that he has not been brought up around people of his own age, and he doesn’t really know how to relate to anybod…