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Evas Man theme

The Theme Behind the Novel
While reading the novel Eva's Man, written by Gayle Jones, an evident theme is established.This is a twisted story of love and betrayal in the engrossing psychological portrait of Eva Medina Canada.The authorintertwines recollection of actual events and imaginativeness to expose an existence plagued by sexual and emotional revilement.It is a narrative which will definitely remain in one's mind, long after the cover of the book has been closed.The apparent theme in Eva's Man appears to be " a deepened exploration of the woman's inner life: of the pressures, the cruelties, and the imposed expectations"( 1).
In this book, Eva has more sexual knowledge then most girls her age.She grows up in an environment where she is sexually harassed by people whom she respects and is supposed to look up to.Eva turns out to be a very confused soul in her later years.The novel jumps from one story to another.It seems apparent that she is telling the story, because some of her statements are facts and others are events she fantasized.In the present sense of the narrative, Eva is imprisoned for the peculiar murder of her lover, Davis, and recalling the events that lead up to his murder..though in no particular order.
Though the story may seem bizarre, Eva actually falls into the cliche of the minds of women incarcerated for murder.For example, "women offenders are more likely to kill a lover than other victim categories"(DOCS 1).Davis was Eva's lover; a freaky one at that.Another common characteristic of women murderers is a history of abuse."It is estimated that from 40 to
Arias 2

78 percent of women who killed their husbands or boyfriends were abused"(DOCS 1).Davis was a very controlling man.He always denied Eva's wishes and kept her in a locked up room like she was a dog.Furthermore, the age group to which Eva fall…

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