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everything underneath the sky

The novel "Sky Over Dimas" by Vicente Garcia Groyon is essentially centered on a family's twisting and enthralling past haunting each members present lives. The story's highlight is the fact that George Torrecarion went crazy and only his son Rafael can save him for his insanity. George has been locking himself with a worker's daughter for three months now in the abandoned Hacienda Dimas. This was the only reason why Rafael is willing to go back home in Bacolod with all the pleading done by his mother, Margie, who in return is no saner too.
"The fact is: George Torrecarion went crazy."— This is where everything starts and ends with. Man versus himself is the main conflict of the story. With all the lies beneath the family's past, George wasn't able to handle everything well and so, mind-madness bit him off until his death. It turned out that underneath the fame and fortune of the Jarabas and Torrecarion families lays a whole lot of secluded truth that uncovers the past of the family's abnormality. Every little lie that has been told was used to cover up all the revelations in the story.
Unity among the plot was extensive due to the reason that it is all about the family's expositions. These expositions were all in a form of surprises within the story that unveil the secrets of the family. Each of the character's background unleashes reality as the story goes on. Moreover, the story was full of spellbinding relationships that triggers the characters to convey what the author has really got to say. These monopolizing events all leads to the hysteria George is experiencing. He knows everything about this through his grandfather's memoir. This does not only help reveal the truth within the novel but as well as making the book a must read for the audience.
The technique utilized by Groyon using the memory within a memory gives the story a sense of reality. It …


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