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Exceptional Child

Summary, Plot & Characters

The unforgettable true story of John Nash a brilliantmathematician whose genauswas tempered by schizophrenia. John managed to live a fulfilling life despite having to cope with a mental illness. In fact, John had a beautiful wife and son, good friends, and an astonishing career, that lead him to win a noble prize. However, his journey in life with a mental illness was quite stormy. First, his wife naturally had a hard time with a husband with a severe mental illness, his friends were not sure how to deal with him, and he had difficulties in his career. However, John managed to over come these perils and become an influential successful man, and also, maintain his family. The characters were: Russell Crowe John's doctor, Ed Harris John's colleague, Christopher Plummer, Johns delusional friend, Jennifer Connelly, John's wife.

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Evaluate Accuracy orAppropriateness of Characterization
The characters were portrayed accurately. Since this a true story of John Nash's struggle with a mental illness. The actor was very believable who portrayed John. He seemed nervous, and uptight, he smoked ascetically, he walked fast, he spoke in very short sentences and he had a poor memory. He acted socially awkward for a man with such a high I.Q. He appeared unbalanced, which did not go unnoticeable by his family and friends.

What Impression does the Character make on the Viewer.
The character makes a lasting impression on the viewer. John Nash is steadfast unmovable, a conqueror. In the midst of his mental illness he maintains his integrity, his brilliance, and his love for family and friends. How many normal people are enjoying this type of life style? Very few.

What Impact might this have on Viewers Awareness or Acceptance of Exceptional Individuals.
The impact on the viewers awareness of mental illness is quite amazing. This film helped me to see exceptional individuals as extraordi…


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