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Fear is one of man's most primal instincts; the task of evoking that instinct in a film is not an easy one.In order for a movie scare the people watching it, there has to be a sense of realism in the film, the sets characters and plot have to be believable. This real world on camera is not easily created it involves the sets, and the camera work; it involves the realism of the costumes, and the special effects surrounding the entire film.The horror genre is one of the toughest types of films to create, in horror it is not the extreme special effects that the big action movies possess, but instead a horror movie is all about the sets and costumes. To create a good horror movie you need to make the person watching the film believe it could happen to them, they need to think that they are in the film.
To the uneducated film connoisseur the director gets all of the credit for a good film, but it is not just the director that is responsible for a good, or great film. To have a good or great film you need not only the director, but also the photography director, and last but not least the production designer.
Although the director may get all the credit in a horror movie like any other movie the director of photography is a very integral part to the film. All of the shots and camera angles are his responsibility. All of the shots used to evoke fear in the viewer are carefully planned and prepared. IF the shots are off even just a little, it could be the difference from a scary part, to that of a terrifying part.
The production designer as well as the director of photography is an extremely important role in a horror film. The production director is responsible for all of the people that make the costumes and the sets of the film. The production designer is responsible for the people that create the make up and most times blood and gore involved in a horror film. If the props and sets are not realistic the


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