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Ideology is an ever-present factor in our everyday lives.A good amount of the information we receive is tainted by ideological values.These values, unique to the source of the information are windows or reinforcements on their standings regarding any number of topics.When we receive the information at hand it is then subject our own individual ideological beliefs and values that we hold true.Ideology in film is such a powerful factor that in my opinion it is the biggest factor that should be consider when analyzing the information of the film.When it comes down to it film is a direct result of what someone is "showing" you.What that person is "showing" you is what they want you to see and what they don't want you to see, tainted by their own ideological standings.
Oliver Stone's explicit left-wing film Natural Born Killers uses ideologies as an underlying theme being examined by the bi-polar categories of Relative versus Absolute, Secular versus Religious, and Outsiders versus Insiders.In this paper I hope to dissect and explain the bi-polar categories regarding ideology.In the film Natural Born Killers Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are Mickey Knox and Mallory Wilson, two young, attractive mass murderers in love in Stone’s wild-eyed satire on the American fascination with criminals. After killing Mallory’s loathsome parents, the pair perform a ritual “marriage” and take off on a “honeymoon” killing spree that wipes out 52 people pursued by a bad cop just as criminal. Bloodthirsty t.v. reporter Wayne Gale (Robert Downey Jr.) reports their every move to an adoring public.While warden Dwight McClusky (Tommy Lee Jones) is only too eager to welcome such celebrities to his prison for his own gain.The underlying ideological expression of Stone in this film is what I thought made it so powerful.Comparing the bi-polar category of Relative versus absolute and th


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