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Extract from Angela’s Ashes

The story starts with a boy named Frank that catches typhoid fever. A doctor comes into his house, checks him, and then takes him and his mom to the hospital.
In the hospital, they stick tubes with blood to him, Soldier;s blood, and then he falls asleep. Frank awakes many times and sees nuns and nurses and doctors doing stuff to him. Then he sees a priest doing the Extreme Unction to him and then he falls asleep again.
After Frank gets over the crisis, his father comes and tells him he;s a great soldier, and then he has to go. The nurse tells Frank he;s a miracle for getting over the crisis.
After that, a girl from another room talks to him, she;s called Patricia Madigan, she;s 14 and she has diphtheria. They start talking but the nun comes in and tells them they can;t talk. They keep talking regularly and one day, the girl sends a book to Frank through the man that mops the floor, Seamus. It;s a book about English History.
Patricia also had a book of poems, so she read them to Frank. She read a poem called The Highwayman that was exiting so Frank liked it very much. But one day, Sister Rita comes in and catches them talking so she tells Seamus to take the boy to an empty ward upstairs and so he can;t talk with Patricia anymore.
The ward upstairs has 20 beds and that ward had been used a long time ago during a shortage of food in Ireland that happened in the 1840;s.
The nun says that it was good that he was away from Patricia who wouldn;t live to be old. Frank feels really sad because he understood what the nurse really meant and because he couldn;t show that he understood. So he couldn;t cry about a girl that taught him a lovely poem that the nurse said was bad.
Then Seamus says Frank might come out any day and that he doesn;t know about Patricia.
Patricia dies two days after that. Feeling it was her fault that Frank was shifted,


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