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Extraordinary Man

Before dreams were a science they were used in literature. Before Sigmund Freud there was Fyodor Dostoevsky who used dreams to give a point of view of his own regarding Raskolnikov and his opinion that he was superior to other humans, as well as to show the dual nature of the character Raskolnikov in his novel Crime and Punishment. Through the entire novel FD entraps the reader into a world in which most will never be familiar with, the mind of a murderer. The incredible way FD portrays his murderer is that he gives an insight from the outside of a man who is by no means a true killer. From the way Raskolnikov acts and thinks the reader can infer he is by no means a person of violence. Indeed, he is in question of himself (as he always is) of the killings before he commits the murders due to the fact that he did not want to commit the actual deed itself, not the fact that he would be killing another person. FD allows his audience to truly feel the pain and suffering of a man who once felt he was on top of the world and his demise through many torturous realities which he finally comes to realize as the truth. The truth which can evidently be seen in Raskolnikov's final dream puts a final rest to the theory of which he held in such I esteem. While putting his theme to rest his dreams also show how he is two-faced in a sense; his personality is quite dual natured.
Raskolnikov is a man who undergoes much psychological tension throughout the novel. He feels that he indeed is an extraordinary man, and that events, as well as everything else, around him revolves around him. His theory which in basic terms state that, an "extraordinary man" is above the law and "… an ‘extraordinary’ man has the right… that is not an official right, but an inner right to decide in his own conscience to overstep… certain obstacles, and only in case it is essential for the practical fulfillment of his idea (sometimes, perhaps, of …


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