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eye of the beholder

The theme of the book, Eye of the Beholder, by Jayne Ann Krentz, is to stop and take a breath before jumping to conclusions.
Twelve years ago, Trask’s father was killed in a car accident.He had driven his car off Avalon Point.Because of the sharp curve, this was not unusual.Everyone in town just believed that Trask’s father was another fatality.Trask knew it was more.He believed his father’s death was murder.
Trask believed Kenyon had killed his father because of a business deal gone bad.Trask’s father, Kenyon, and Guthrie had been working on the deal for months.Trask’s father had found a problem and believed the plan would cause the men to go bankrupt. With this information, Trask’s father decided to take his money and get out of the deal.
Immediately after Trask found out about his father’s death, he went to Kenyon’s home.Trask went with his gun in hand.He wasn’t sure of his own plans; he only knew that someone was going to pay for his father’s death.Probably for the best of them all, Alexa walked into the room in time to see Trask pull out his gun.Trask left when Alexa got to the phone and threatened to call the police.
The opening of the newest of the Avalon hotel chain couldn’t have been planned more perfectly.Trask knew it was perfect. He had been in the business for years and was quite good. So far, all of his hotel’s had been a great success.He was unsure of this one though.Most of the town believed that if Trask ever did come back, it would be for revenge.Trask had left the night of his father’s death and hadn’t been seen since. Many had heard of the successful business man he had become and praised him for it.
The night of the opening ceremony, Alexa was upstairs by herself.She knew Trask would be at the hotel and had done her best to avoid him.Everyone in town believed Trask was back for revenge and had chosen this sight for a hotel as an excuse.Alexa felt she would …