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Fahrenheit 451

This book is set in the future, where books are illegal; anyone got with a book has a report sent in on them to the fire department.The firemen of this day do not put out fires, because all buildings are fireproof, but instead start fires to burn any books on the premises.Guy Montag is fireman at his local fire department.(Guy) Montag, while walking home one evening, meets Clarisse McClellan.Clarisse and Guy meet while they were both walking home one day.Clarisse seems very odd to guy and asks him a lot of question that he would be considered strange by the society of the time.She asks him things like, "Do you ever read any of the books you burn?"Montag is a little stunned by the questions yet finds the girl interesting.They talk about such things like what the past was like (which Montag has no clue of).In addition, in this section of the book, we meet Montag's wife, Mildred.Mildred is what would be considered "perfectly normal" by the standers of society.!
She does how ever have a problem with sleeping pills in thefirst part of the book.She took too many and Montag had to have people come to the house to pump her stomach and replace her blood.Montag also meets a robotic dog, which is set to find and kill using a needle with a tranquilizer in it.This dog does not seem to like Montag from the start.Everyday Montag meets Clarisse after work and walks with her for a while, until one day when she does not meet him.Then another and another day they do not meet.He goes home depressed and asks Mildred if she knows what happened to her.Mildred says the family moved and she thinks Clarisse died.The next day Montag and the other firemen are called in on a
woman for having a library.They arrive on the scene and start to splash kerosene around the walls, floors, books, and everything else.The woman who owns the books, upset, strikes the match herself, and burns the house do…


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