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Fahrenhiet 451

1.Montag is a very easily influenced and changing person. Even such a seemingly insignificant person such as Clarisse had the most profound affect on him. One Second he his following the path of his society, and the next he his starting to doubt his ways after a few chats with a young girl. In the beginning of the book Montag is described in dark and gloomy tones, but at the same time is described with the fire symbols, which foreshadow the changes that will be taking place throughout the book in Montag. Montag starts out a very gloomy and thoughtless person that conceals his unhappiness with a "mask" just going through life like he has been told do all his life. As the story goes on and he talks to Clarisse he starts to change. He begins to drink the falling rain, which represents that he will be reborn in a sense that his views will change. He starts to look at the stars, not just for fun because he his becoming confused about what he needs to do and is looking for guidance which he finds in Faber. In the very end of the novel Montag jumps into the river not only for the obvious reason to escape the hound, but most importantly to show the reader that Montage is beginning a new life. He will never have the same securities, easiness, or comforts that he has experienced for his whole life until now. Montag, instead of being described in, is now realizing the darkness and chaos that everybody is consumed in. The whole book, from cover to back, is filled with changing symbols and colors that are used to represent Montag in that point in time of the book. He is never the same person at any time in the novel.


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