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Faith Can Conquer All

For the past week, people all over the world have had their eyes on the 2000 Olympic
Games in Sydney, Australia. Along with the many different Olympic sports, there are many
different winners…of all shapes and sizes. However, it is not the different physical appearances of
these athletes that are interesting, but the different styles of winning.Some athletes receive their
gold and proclaim their superiority. Others win gold and put people down in the midst of their
victory, such as Svetlana Khorkina. This Russian gymnast won a gold medal in individual
competition, but in herfirst interview condemned Sydney's Olympic organization, whom she felt
was responsible for the error in vault height. And then finally there are other athletes who win
with modesty and thank those that helped them along the way. Laura Wilkinson is an American
platform diver who recently won a gold medal in just this way. Not only did she thank those who
helped her achieve success, but she thanked God, whom she felt was responsible for her win.
After realizing she won the gold, Wilkinson said, "I can do all things through Christ which
strengthens me." Her faith in God won her a gold medal. Similar unfaltering faith is displayed in
Hurston's short story, "Sweat." The female character, Delia, presents her faith in different ways to
gain victory by overcoming her heartless husband. Delia, in Zora Hurston's story "Sweat," uses
blind faith, tolerance, and courage to demonstrate her confidence in God which always leads to
Delia'sfirst, most impressive confirmation of reliance on God, is her blind faith which
steers the way to final independence from her husband. Delia is a very religious person, which in
itself proves her assurance in God. She drives her pony four miles to the church every Sunday rain
or shine to sing her praises to God. On one occasion, Delia stays all evenin…


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