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Immigrant experience in the United States has not been very positive.
Assimilation was a major issue with the minorities when they moved to the
US in search of better economic conditions. The whites normally did not
accept or embrace the newcomers who were mostly colored and spoke a
different language. To the immigrants, this was indeed a very harsh
situation since on the one hand they needed to assimilate with the locals
and on the other; they were shunned by Americans for various reasons.
Immigrants have thus faced more than their fair share of troubles upon
coming to the land of opportunities yet some managed to overcome them and
gave us those enviable rags to riches stories but there were still a large
majority that remained stuck in its poverty ridden neighborhoods and turned
to the world of crime and drugs to gain some sort of control in the strange
Besides the general public, immigrants found the entire political,
economic, social and judicial system oppressive. They were not treated with
respect anywhere and mostly people used them for their own purposes. For
example, politicians spoke for the rights of minorities only to win more
voters and the moment they came to power, they abandoned the poor souls.
Similarly the judiciary was usually biased, favoring white and American
over colored and foreigner. For immigrants, it was a lose-lose situation
and their skin colors; lack of skills and education, language barriers all
played an important role in giving rise to such circumstances. On top of
that, immigrants did not have the economic means to attain quality
education that could at least open the doors of opportunities for younger
generation. In their extreme desperation and frustration, the youth turned
to the world of crime and drugs. This was the gist of immigrant experience
in the United States and this is what Famous All over Town (1983) is all
The book by Danny Santiago, Fa…


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