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Far and Away

As Ms. Shannon Christie and Joseph Donelly migrate from Ireland to the United States they soon found out that it was not all that they imagine. While staying in the U.S they encouter many obstacle as well as hardship from working for cheap labor to living in a unhealthy condition all provided by the ward boss Mr. Mike Kelly.
When Shannon and Josephfirst arrived in the United States they were greeted by a boy who claim "are you Irish? you have to go see Mr. Kelly, he is the ward boss around here and he'll will take care of you." After Shannon realized that she was being mugged and have no money or a place to stay, Joseph decided to seek for the help of the Irish ward boss Mr. Kelly. As a ward boss, he will provide a work, lodging, apply for citicenship and protection and in return all they have to do is vote when voting time comes. Even thoughJoseph and Shannon was provided a job in the chicken factory but they treated very poorly and worst of all in a very unhealthy working environment. In couple of weeks, Joshep Donnelly soon realized that he can make more money in one boxing match then plucking chicken for a whole month. So he then box at a club owned by Mr. Kelly. Mr. Kelly can provide life's necessities to the immigrants and can also take them away very quickly. Joshep was getting very successful until he lost his last match and angry Mr. Kelly, so everything was taken away from him.
In conclusion, the function of a ward boss who was appointed is to generate votes and their politics does not deal with political issues. For every immigrant from any race whenever they come to the United States, they can always turn to their ward boss for jobs, lodging and protection.


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