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Farenheit 451 and sci-fi

After I was watching Farhenheight 451 (1966), I think it quite hard to classify either it's a Sci-Fi or Fantasy movie. This is because in the movie has only little things that show about the hi-technology. On the other hand, most part of this movie shows about the imaginary world that I think it may not happen in the world such as a book person. I do not think that it wills has the people who can remember every dialogues or every words in the whole book. It seems impossible to occur in the real world. Even though Science fiction's talking about the imaginary worlds, I think it should has more about the things that related to science and hi-technology more than this.
It has pretty differences between Blade Runner (1982) and Farhenheight 451 (1966) about the outlining of the model that considered the science fiction genre to be. After watching Blade Runner I used to think like most of the science fiction will relate to the robot or some hi- technology things. In contrast, after having watched Farhenheight 451 I've confused about the model of science fiction that I used to think it is.
This is because in this movie, it hardly sees the scene that uses some hi-tech things; it has a little bit things such as a hi-tech television that it's a d version. Therefore, I have a little bit confuse of what is the exactly meaning of the science fiction.
In my opinion, I think the science fiction genre might be the stories that talk about imaginary worlds or imaginary developments in science such as traveling in the space. However, even the science fiction may talk about the imaginary worlds it should have much hi-tech things or the things that related to science enough. The reason is for preventing someone to get confuse between the term of science fiction and fantasy.
I'm not sure about what makes this film a science fiction film because it quite hard for me to explain. But in my thought, I think that it has two


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