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Farenheit451 w/word cited

No books and the government’s promotion of televsion dimishes society’s
ability to think and to communicate is what Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit451displays.
Firefighters of the future have a different job then presently. In the future, they are
to burn books to stiffle the intellects of the society for the government. Because the homes
are fire proof, there is no need for them to focus on the homes.The government
promotes television to occupy society from conversating with each other and expanding
their thinking abilities. Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit451illustrates and that this censorship
Guy Montag is a future firefighter who is a model citizen of the government.
Montag is a typical person of the future because he does not question the authorities or
wonder about his job and the point of burning the books. After work one evening,
Montag meets an abnormal teenage neighbor named Clarrise. Clarrise is abnormal
because she and her family talk which is different unlike the vast majority of typical
future families that just sit in front of the television. Montag and Clarrise would talk
every night as he arrives home from work. Montag notices the lack of intellect and
vastness and depth of conversation with people. He begins to think of books and
televsion in different ways. This leads him wonder about his life as a firefighter and if
what he is doing is the right thing to do. “The sun burnt every day. It burnt time…So if he
burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt time, that ment that everything burnt!
One of them had to stop burning. The sun wouldn’t certainly”(Bradbury 141).
Montag notices this more while at work. A call about a woman hiding books in
her attic is reported to the firestation. They respond to the call to find the attic has
books in it. The firefighters toss all her books outside. As the firefigh


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