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farmer and his wife

A farmer and his wife & Pretty as a flower
The work that families are involved in, their economic circumstances and their personal relationships are central to both stories, no matter what culture those people belong to. Money sometimes can be a seed of evil, bring only injustice, conflict or dissatisfaction for someone; however, sometimes money dose mean everything for someone. In this two stories, some people reflect on a lifetime of work and the changes in their lives, others have to face unemployment and ethical decision that they have done. Furthermore, after reading two stories, I can appreciate common things about money, work and land in both stories.
' A farmer and his wife' is one of the best stories I have ever read before. It is quite interesting when Ifirst read through the whole story. The husband and his wife, 2 main characters, with the totally different personalities, but lived together since they were around 18 of their age. Everything has been significantly changed in the last several decades of their life, except their personalities, they still keep their characters, even they try to change it, but it seems impossible. For the wife, who is the only daughter in her family, inherited her parent's gifts, a large fields with more than three centuries history. To her, money and work have the special meaning. In order to find a good job, her children leave her alone, and go to somewhere to earn their lives. She can understand that, because she wants her children having a good life. However, She is also concerned that her children would never come back, and she is really upset when she heard that one of her daughter became a prostitute. But she just pretend she did not know that, cause she knew that her daughter need that job to survive, even it was a shame to her. However, what was the key thing she was concerned was that all of her children despite their long absence and shortcoming, even they post


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