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Faulty Towers – The German gue

In "The German guests", an episode of "The faulty Towers", there are many elements of comedy present. These include the elements of exaggeration, absurdity, triumph, surprise, repetition, correct timing confusion and puns.
Mr. Basil 's reaction towards the false alarm is a good example of exaggeration. One would certainly not react so vigorously towards an ordinary alarm drill. His repeated ill-tempered reaction towards the inquisitive hotel guests is also an example of exaggeration. The element of absurdity can be found when the major thought the moose head was actually talking to him. This can be classified as absurd because it is impossible that something without life can talk and respond freely to his answers. This is a very important comedic element and the show is very successful in using it.
The element of triumph and repetition is present when Mrs. Basil consistently called back to Mr. Basil to check whether the latter has began hanging the moose head on the wall. She triumphs over him because she has managed to instill anxiety and annoyance in Mr. Basil while she rested comfortably on her hospital bed. The audiences erupted into laughter when Mr. Basil discovered that the German guests were able to speak English, with fluency to a particular extent. This is a good example of surprise. In fact, this show is flooded with surprises. It was a surprise for Mr. Basil to find out that the doctor who performs his wife's operation was a black man. This can be accounted the cultural gap that existed in Britain during the time the show was aired.
The coincidental ringing of the different alarms is a good example of correct timing. We laugh at this because we would never have expected such things to occur at almost the same time. The element of puns and confusion can be combined together this show. They are inter-related because puns will lead to confusion. These elements centers on the major, who m…


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