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Ferris Bueller

The film Ferris Bueller's Day Off is different from our other quest cycle essays.Ferris skips school to show his friend Cameron how to live a little.
If Cameron would've decided to stayin bed, the day's adventure wouldn't have had happened. Cameron's safe place is his comfortable bed which he uses as a place for self-pity. Ferris has a different safe place; his is school where he would stay out of trouble. Ferris has been working the school system to his advantage, but his limit is approaching, so he wants to make this absence count. Ferris knows what he is going to do from the moment he woke up. When Cameron finally gets the nerve to get in his car and go to Ferris' house he departs from the safety of his home. Ferris call to adventure is rescuing his friend from the stress of his hectic life.
The initiation into danger begins in Cameron's garage. Ferris has the day planned, and the day involves the Ferrari. Taking the Ferrari is Cameron's initiation into danger. Ferris' initiation takes place when Principal Rooney, the antagonist, makes the phone call to Ferris' home . The struggles faced in this ordeal begin with Principal Rooney chasing him around town to try to make Ferris an example. Cameron is making Ferris' task of showing Cameron a good time difficult.Ferris's girlfriend seems to be their super natural aid, she helps Ferris liven Cameron up. The biggest struggle is getting rid of the miles thatput on the car by the garage workers. Ferris causes an inner-change in Cameron: he realizes that he can't fear life, he accepts that he must take the bull by the horns,and stand up to his father. Cameron separates from Morris, his father, and becomes an adult. Finally taking responsibility for him self and growing up.
The final struggle is Ferris rushing home. He makes it home, only to have Rooney waiting for him. Another supernatural aid is his sister …


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