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Fiddler on The Roof

"Fiddler on the Roof" was a movie all about traditions and breaking them.I agree with Nora when she said tradition is a very important thing.Some family traditions are fun, others we wish we didn't have.
I didn't know people broke traditions that bad back in those days.Going from having your parents set up a man for you to wed to picking your own man and not even telling your parents you got married.Even today, if one got married without telling their parents that would be a big deal.It wouldn't be something that was accepted.So, it taking place back then, it must have been a big deal.
Like everyone else, I couldn't imagine being married to a guy I didn't even know, a guy I didn't even love.Marriage is suppose to be a special bond between a man and a woman.How can you have a bond with a man you don't even know?
I was very glad to see the eldest daughter got to marry a man she loved, and not the butcher.The butcher was way older than her, and I don't think they would of made a good match.He was just lonely and wanted a woman.
The second daughter broke tradition quite a bit.She just told her father she was going to get married, and asked him for a blessing, not for permission.Her father atfirst was very upset, which is understandable.I agree with Jenna when she said he was a kind man and decides it's okay for them to get married because it makes his daughter happy.I think that is what is most important anyways.As long as you are happy, what else should matter?
The third daughter broke tradition a lot.She ran off and got married and didn't even tell her parents.I understand why her father was so mad, being tradition was held so high in society back then.I know that if I did that to my parents, they would be very upset with me, and maybe not approve of my marriage.
I thought it was very cute when Tevye asked his wife if she…


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