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fifth element

Luc Besson spent thefirst years of his life following his parents, scuba diving instructors, around the world. His early life was entirely aquatic. He already showed amazing creativity as a youth, writing early drafts of Le Grand bleu (1988) and The Fifth Element (1997), as an adolescent bored in school. He planned on becoming a marine biologist specializing in dolphins until a diving accident at age 17 which rendered him unable to dive any longer. He moved back to Paris, where he was born, and only at age 18 did hefirst have an urban life or television. He realized that film was a medium which he could combine all his interests in various arts together, so he began taking odd jobs on various films. He moved to America for three years, then returned to France and formed Les Films de Loups – his own production company, which later changed its name to Les Films de Dauphins. He is now able to dive again.
Here is his filmography as a producer. The films with a * next to them are in English.
Spécial police (2004) (in production)
*Transporter 2, The (2005) (pre-production)
*Danny the Dog (2005) (post-production)
Mensonges et trahisons (2004) (post-production)
Je suis un écrivain raté (2004)
Rivières pourpres 2 – Les anges de l’apocalypse, Les (2004)
Felicit; non costa niente, La (2003)
Yamakasi – Les samourai des temps modernes (2001)
*Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The (1999)
Two hundred and fifty years in the future, life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Every five thousand years, a door opens between the dimensions. In one dimension lies the universe and its entire multitude of varied life forms. In another exists an element made not of earth, air, fire or water, but of anti-energy, anti-life. This “


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