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Fight club – analysis of a sequence

Analyse a sequence of a film using film language and narrative concepts.

The film I have decided to analyse in this essay is Fight Club (1999) directed by David Fincher (Se7en) and based on the novel by Chuck Palahunk. The film points fingers at numerous issues in society, namely the effect of consumerism on people's lives, and how it is gradually taking over those lives.

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The story is told trough the eyes of a narcoleptic named Jack, played by Edward Norton (American History X,).Jack's only joys in life are the possessions he owns, until he meets Tyler Durden played Brad Pitt ( Se7en). Tyler believes that it is self-destruction that makes life worth living, not self-improvement. The very same night they meet, an explosion blows up Jack's apartment and possessions.Tyler offers Jack a place to stay but on one condition – Tyler"I want you to hit me as hard as you can". Despite Jack's doubts about hitting Tyler he does and discovers that fighting for recreation can give the ultimate high. This leads to them setting up Fight club which gradually sweeps across America taking with it Tyler's influence and philosophy.
The big shock of the story comes when Jack realises he is Tyler, and he came to life as a means of escaping his agonizingly boring life. When he realises this he must deal with the dramatic consequences of Tyler's actions.

The narration is restricted as it's told by Jack, and therefore has a voice over. The film's structure is un-conventional as its cause and effect is told in a non-linear narrative, looking at the decisions Jack has made and how they has effected the plot.
The sequence I am analysing made up of four sections. Thefirst is in the parking lot when Tyler asks Jack to hit him, the second is in a movie projection booth where Tyler splices sex organs into films, the third is in the Pressman hotel dinne…


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