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Fight Club: Insomnia Though the Eyes of Hollywood

Fight Club: Insomnia through the eyes of Hollywood
Who would you be or what would you do if you were suffering from Insomnia?How does one deal with everyday life when they just cannot sleep?The movie Fight Club shows us how one man chose to deal with his disease.It shows how missing out on the little things like sleep can drive you crazy.It can make other people around you seem crazy maybe even insane at times.In this movie, it makes you see things that are not even there.Incorporating insomnia, support groups, alter egos, and soap making, Fight Club makes it's viewers wonder what they would do, or how they would handle a similar situation making it an enjoyable experience for movie lovers.
The movie begins one man.He has no name but he is just like every on else.He has a job.He has an apartment.He is just a normal guy that has a big problem.Now everyone, at one time or another, has had trouble sleeping.Our main character is no exception, but there is a difference: he can't sleep at all.He suffers from insomnia and for the last four months of his life, He hasn't been able to sleep.
Since he was so unfamiliar with the disease, he felt that he was dying.Nothing seemed real to him anymore. He was so desperate that he decided to see a doctor for help.The doctor reassured him that he wasn't dying, refused to give him any medication and suggested that he try to get more sleep.The main character was not convinced that he would be ok and pleaded with the doctor.The doctor suggested that he attend a support group for men with testicular cancer and see that his problems are not nearly as bad.Willing to try anything one he went to the support group in hopes that it would help him in his time of need.
He listened to sad stories of broken men and the live they had lostbecause of their illness.After that members got in groups of two so each person could share their feelings wi


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